Everything I love about Chloe Sheppard's 'All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun'

All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun is a collection of zines by Chloe Sheppard, a photographer based in London. Chloe's Sheppard is a refreshing talent with an understanding, empathetic and honest gaze. Her aesthetic vision explores identity, femininity and desire, all with an unspoken emphasis on the unabashed female gaze she offers. 



Firstly, Sheppard offers self-portraits that explore identity and body image, something we all struggle with. However, her self-study through mirror selfies is almost defiant, reflecting her confidence in accepting her fuller frame in a world of fat shaming. With good reason she is weary of the label of empowering defining on her work, honest is much more fitting descriptor in her investigations. She explores feelings of inadequacy, denial in a way that is causal and accessible. "Nearly 22 and still so far removed' captions a mirror selfie, reflecting disillusionment with adulthood. 



Secondly, Sheppard has a flair for layering images in collage pieces, which I identify with on various levels, as a collage artist as well as a young woman. Lana lyrics recur in Sheppard's collages, scattered between images of dreamy looking figures and lovers. She creates a realistic-romantic mood from her collages and skillfully captures the aesthetic she chooses which I see as finding the extraordinary in the mundane. 


Overall, Sheppard's work is subversive of negative ideals but not in a way that is forced. For instance, her self portraits communicate that she is learning to accept her body, well aware of the negative preconceptions surrounding her body shape. Furthermore, her creative investigations appear to have an emphasis on humanity, and her subjects, including herself are shown as inherently vulnerable, but she communicates a certain strength and beauty in that vulnerability.